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The Whole Person Approach to treating the underlying cause

When I meet a new patient, I wonder, "Who is this person? How is he/she feeling? What does this person need to become whole on the physical, emotional and spirit level?" My training is steeped in the Classical Five Element model of Acupuncture that treats the underlying cause of disease rather than just it’s symptoms.

By treating the root cause of a pattern, once can experience a deeper form of healing at the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

My acupuncture practice is dedicated to revealing and treating your particular elemental imbalance, thereby restoring your health and vitality the way nature intended.

Are you struggling to sleep? Do you have digestive issues or any other symptoms of dis-ease? The energies of the body are outlined along channels or meridians with acupoints along the channel.

Each organ has it's own channel.                                                   For example, the liver channel begins at the inside of the big toe and travels up the inside of the leg and thigh thru the abdomen where it reaches the liver and gallbladder. It then traverses up thru the chest and behind the eyes. In chinese medicine the liver is responsible for storing the blood and the emotion of anger. Liver/gallbaldder energies are associated with your ability to see clearly. Physical sight as well as insight, foresight and hindsight. Is your liver angry? Do you fly off the handle easily. Are you expereiencing dizziness. Does pain move from place to place. Is your pain one sided? These distress signals are associated with the liver/gallbladder and are clues from the body mind or spirit saying, “help me”.

When symptoms are suppressed by prescription drugs, the body is being told to “shut up"!  Centuries of Chinese medicine have demonstrated the wisdom of looking and listening for the signs the body/mind is expressing. This is they key to correcting the imbalance and therefore a pathway toward health.