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Your First Visit

Before you arrive for your first acupuncture appointment I will ask you to complete a comprehensive intake form. The acupuncture intake form asks questions about your current state of health, past illnesses, and family history. These questions are important because the holistic approach of Oriental medicine takes everything into account. Your current symptoms may not seem related to past health issues, but our bodies are complex landscapes and everything that happens to them leaves its mark.

The initial consult includes an interview which covers both your health and personal history and a physical examination. The session is conducted in complete confidentiality. After reviewing your intake form, we will discuss your condition, and I will examine your pulse and tongue, which are two of the basic diagnostic methods of Oriental medicine. The acupuncture points I choose will depend on my findings of all the information presented.

You will be advised of the anticipated frequency of treatment which depends on your individual needs. You may be give lifestyle recommendations that will help you with your main complaint. Each subsequent treatment is a mini-reevaluation in conjunction with feedback from previous treatment.

Typically, there are weekly visits at the beginning, tapering off until visits become seasonal. Regular "tune-ups" under a maintenance program promote health and add to the longevity and the vitality of the body.