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Sharon's Vibrational

Online Healing Workshop

With Ohm Tuning Forks

3 hour Online Class is now forming so you can learn Sharon's unique protocol to help your clients de-stress and ease pain.

Sound is Energy. It is the basis of form & shape. Sound vibration communicates with the body. Every cell is composed of vibration and vibrating bodies respond to sound.

The tone of Ohm vibrating at 136.1 hz is the universal sound of peace. Ohm is a powerful catalyst for accessing the body’s innate healing ability. Restorative and energizing, Ohm is clinically shown to be a safe, effective and therapeutic sound healing frequency. Ohm chanting is typically used during Yoga class to prepare one to quiet the mind.


  • Relaxes muscular tension
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Energizing & revitalizing
  • Relaxes adrenals, relieves stress & re-equalizes the the entire body
  • Promotes healing of strained muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Promotes deep & balanced breathing
  • Alleviates blockages, dispels stasis and is nourishing to the body & mind

Sharon Gordon, NCCAOM Board Certified and State Licensed, Master Acupuncturist, has been using Ohm tuning forks in her acupuncture practice since 2000 with success to help break up stagnation that can cause pain.

Sharon’s unique approach to using tuning forks makes use of essential acupoints based on the meridians or pathways along the body as practiced in traditional Chinese medicine and Five Element Acupuncture.

Class Open to Massage therapists, Body workers, Reiki practitioners, Chiropractors & anyone with an interest in vibrational healing

Sharon's Ohm tuning fork workshop is a hands-on learning experience. You will learn:

  • Map of the meridian pathways or channels
  • Principles of healing according to classical acupuncture
  • How to handle Ohm tuning forks
  • How to conduct an Ohm vibrational healing session
  • The use of acupoints to clear the meridian pathways
  • Sharon's point combination protocols for stress reduction
  • Practice session video                              

Tuning Fork Workshop Fee: $195 tuning forks not included






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